Why Lithium-Ion?

Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion technology outperforms standard lead-acid batteries

More power

Lithium Pros’ batteries use lithium, which is lighter than lead-acid and packs more power. Our batteries deliver higher power during cranking, and hold a higher voltage during discharge than a comparably sized lead acid battery. That means a hotter ignition, faster starts, and more watts for your accessories.

Lighter weight

Because the lithium powering Lithium Pros’ batteries produce more pound-per-pound power than lead-acid, less material are needed. The result is a lighter battery. In fact, some models are so light they float making them ideal for racing and marine activities.

Faster recharging

Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries accept charge current up to 5x faster than lead-acid batteries, and in many cases Lithium Pros’ batteries recharge in less than an hour.

Longer battery life

Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries provide over 5x the cycle life at 80% DOD (depth of discharge) compared to standard lead-acid batteries, and easily handles 2,000 cycles.

More efficient

Lithium Pros’ batteries are 96% efficient at converting input energy into stored energy (vs. about 75% for lead acid).

Safe & eco-friendly

Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries do not contain toxic materials (lead/acid), or emit harmful gases like standard lead-acid batteries. Also, our batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is the safest form of lithium chemistry.Type your paragraph here.